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Gubbhögen today

Gubbhögen is situated in "Strömsunds Kommun", in the swedich country Jämtland. It lies
ca. 50km from Strömsund, for a map click here.
The village is next to the Flåsjö, a wide lake with lots of fish,
in drinking water-quality.

The countryside is dominated of forrests and lots of small lakes. Fishermen, mushroom -
and berrypickers will love this place.

Number of inhabitants: 42 people, 10 cats, 13 dogs and an indefinite amount of moose,
bears , lynx and other forrestinhabitants.

The people of Gubbhögen run non-commercially a beautiful nature- campingsite.

Gubbhögen in the past:

The village was first mentioned at 1746, at this time underthe name Sörby / Söderbyn.
Later the name changed to Högen/ Söderhögen.
Around 1771 the name gubbhögen was established.

Gubbhögen means translatet: old mans hill. It´s not clear how the name was founded
- one history is, that there was a rock nearthe lake that looked alike an old man, but such
a rock does not exist today.

Ca. 1948 the village had to change the name into Högbynäs, because there postoffice
mixed up the name Gubbhögen with other villages, and the post was  never deliverd right.
Round 1985 the name changed back to Gubbhögen.




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